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WE MADE A PODCAST!!!! Tune in for our first episode of “Rantin’ w Rob” where we talk about the origins of Warp Corps!

On this episode Rob & Aaron sit down with Mike Shoeler to talk about how their organizations are making a positive change in the community in the McHenry Co. area.  From live  on site narcan training to live music gatherings Rob & Mike’s HQ is providing an extremely positive place for the youths of the area to collaborate in a safe and drug free environment.

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Today Rob & Aaron sit down with Sarah Curran ABF Welterweight Champion. She is a Pro Boxer with a record of 4-1-1 and has a fight in Scotland this June 15th vs Hannah Rankin! Check out Warp Corps for updates on how to stream the fight.


Sarah “The Savage” Curran

Today Rob & Aaron sit down with Jackson Gibbons & Joey Lopresti from the band Alabaster!  The guys talk about the opioid epidemic in McHenry and how a healthy clean lifestyle has helped them in their pursuit of a music career.

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On this episode Rob & Aaron sit down with Alex Mathiesen from Live4Lali. They get into Alex’s youth growing up in Wauconda. His introduction into opiods & his path to recovery.

Live4Lali’s mission is to reduce stigma while preventing substance use disorder among individuals, families and communities while also fighting to minimize the overall health, legal and social harms associated with substance use.

We are getting a patreon finalized so you guys can be apart of the progress towards phase 2!
There will be different ranks

Rob & Aaron sit down with D and Gerry to discuss how being the parents of an addict has effected their lives.

Today Rob & Aaron sit down and rant with Rob’s business partner AJ Steadman.

In this 1st in a 2 part special the guys sit down with Will Crandall and discuss his journey on his unique road to recovery.

This week is part 2 of the interview with Will Crandall. 

Today the fellas sit down with our very own David James!!! Not only is he an amazing lyricist but he also runs the video production on our live streams! This Sunday his family band Bloodline will be performing! Today we get into his family life and his incredible American Idol story.

Today Rob & Mike interview some dude who does lights or something…


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